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Monday 23 September 2013

Effective Remedies to treat Knee Pain

Pain in the knee is one of those ailments which can affect individuals of all age, especially people in advanced age or those suffering from poor health. This ailment may also be due to injuries, arthritis, obesity, limited flexibility of the muscles, lack of strength, abnormalities in structure etc. Treatment of knee pain in its initial stage is essential, to avoid the unwanted pain while engaging in any activity which can turn to be unbearable thereby restricting movement. With many available home remedies to treat this ailment, one can get relief by treating knee pain when faced with this ailment. Ginger is an age old remedy which is very effective in treating knee pain. Ginger tea consumed daily can give amazing relief to painful knees. Beside this, regular ginger oil massage to the affected area can reduce tremendously, the inflammation and the knee pain. Papaya seeds tea is also another remedy when boiled in water for 6 to eight minutes then boiled with a tea bag for another few minutes and drained. This decoction can then be consumed with a teaspoon of honey combined with a pinch of black pepper powder which can be taken twice daily till the pain subsides.

 Ice packs can also work wonders in soothing pain and helps in reducing the swelling on the knees. Ice cubes wrapped in a towel and placed on the affected areas of the knee for 10 to 15 minutes can give immense relief. Application of ice pack to any area beyond 20 minutes should be avoided since it can cause damage to the skin. Ice pack placed around the knee can be done twice a day for 15 minutes till the swelling is reduced and the person receives relief from knee ailment. Heat therapy is another option which can be tried to get relief from knee pain. Hot water bag can be placed on the painful knee for 10 to 15 minutes which can be repeated three to four times a day till the person get some relief from painful knees. Sitting in a hot water tub and soaking the knees in it can also give the victim immense relief.

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  1. Very helpful post. Elders in my family are surely going to benefit by this :)


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