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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Remedial treatment for Migraine

Many a times due to our stressful and hectic schedules we tend to suffer from headaches of different kind. Migraine is one type of a headache which can get very severe if ignored and not treated well. Often it tends to get difficult to differentiate between a common headache and a migraine and hence proper treatment for the same is not carried out. Migraines can be due to cold and flu, dehydration, exhaustion, allergies, strong deodorant smell, alcohol, excess consumption of chocolates, caffeine, bright lights, stress or tension. Putting up with severe headache can be avoided if timely treatment is undertaken at the onset of the ache. Home remedies can prove to be of immense help when it comes to eliminating the migraines and be free from the pain and agony of this ailment. Migraine victims can smell peppermint which helps in reducing headache. Ginger is another remedy to eliminate headache and ginger black tea can be consumed morning and evening to reduce headache. Consumption of plenty of water could also help to terminate the headache which may also be a cause of dehydration.

Headache in its initial stage can be stopped by rubbing the temples gently giving the victim a relaxed feeling. Paste formed from freshly ground cinnamon powder mixed with a little warm water and applied to the affected area can reduce the migraine tremendously. Taking deep breaths also proves to be very helpful when a person begins to get headache which enables him to relax and the headache vanishes.. Vinegar also is another remedy in reducing headache when a cloth soaked in vinegar is placed on the affected spot for half an hour with the process repeated two to three times till the migraine disappears. Light to moderate exercising is another remedial form for migraine and being active is very effective treatment for this ailment. Meditation also helps to de-stress and relax the mind and body to a great extent. Half hour mediation can do wonders to a tensed mind and save the person from migraine. One need not endure the aches and pains of life if timely treatment is carried out with the medicines that are available in nature and the purpose of its cure.

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