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Friday 9 December 2016

Teenage Cancer First to be cryogenically Frozen


Cancer Teenager to be Cryogenically Frozen

The father of a British cancer teenager to be cryogenically frozen is apprehensive that she would be woken in `200 years’ all by herself in America without any memory or a family. The unnamed teenager who had died last month is presently in a `cryostat’ tank at about -196C in the Michigan based Cryonics Institute.

She had been in the midst of a fierce legal battle between her parents who had been divorced wherein her mother had agreed to her wish of being frozen while her estranged father; battling cancer had refused due to its cost of £37,000 together with the brutal process of preserving her.

He had informed the High Court that even if the treatment would be successful and she could be brought back to life in around 200 years, she would not find any of her relatives and would fail to remember things.

He further added that she may be left in a desperate situation considering that she is still only 14 years old and would be in the United States of America. Zoe Fleetwood, the girl’s solicitor had informed that the teenager had described Mr Justice Jackson as her hero before her death after he had approved to her dying wish that one day she would be cured and woken up.

Body Chilled to Two/Three Weeks in Liquid Nitrogen

Ms Fleetwood had also informed BBC Radio 4 Today programme: By October 6, the girl knew that her wishes would be followed and that had given her comfort. Sadly she had died on October 17 knowing those last few days that her wish would be granted.

She had further added that it was a great privilege to represent her and that she had extraordinary determination. Her body had been flown to America and had been chilled over two to three weeks in Liquid Nitrogen and stored with around 150 other bodies.

It was also disclosed by the judge that her father was persuaded eventually and said that he respects the decisions she had made and that this is the last and only thing she had asked from him. She had written an extraordinary letter to a judge during the landmark case while she had been on her death bed mentioning that she was only 14 years old and did not want to die though she knew that she was going to die.

Being Cryo-preserved - Opportunity to Be Cured

She had informed that she wanted to live longer and was of the opinion that in the future, they would find a cure for cancer and wake her up. It was this chance she wished to have. She further added that being cryo-preserved had given her an opportunity to be cured and woken up, even in hundreds of years’ time and that she did not want to be buried underground.

She had requested the High Court to rule that her mother would be the only one permitted to make decision regarding the disposal of her body. Mr Justice Jackson, the High Court judge, after agreeing had visited her before her death on October 17 informed that the terminally ill had died peacefully with the knowledge that her remains would be frozen. The judge also mentioned that he had been moved by the courageous way she had faced her dilemma.

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