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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Immediate Aspirin Advice for Minor Stroke

Aspirin Advice

Aspirin – Prevent/Reduce Further Stroke

According to researchers, after a minor stroke, a patient can consider taking aspirin immediately to prevent or reduce harm of further strokes. Scientists of Oxford University state that though doctors have already been advised to give the drug, the advantage of consuming it early has been greatly underestimated and treatment sometimes is delayed.

They have called for clearer medical and public guidelines by writing in the Lancet. NHS England states that it will consider the findings of the study carefully. Minor strokes and transient ischaemic attacks or mini-strokes – TIAs tends to take place due to interruption of blood flow to the brain. This could result in weakness to the limbs or issues with speech or vision, wherein the symptoms usually seem to disappear within some days.

However, the risk of having another major stroke with more permanent symptoms tends to be high in the days following an attack. Earlier research have recommended aspirin which plays some part in lessening this chance especially in the long run by reducing the danger of the formation of blood clots or thinning the blood. The team of scientist inform that their findings portray that most of the benefit is in the initial crucial hours and days following a minor stroke or TIA.

Advantage of Immediate Aspirin Therapy

They evaluated taking early aspirin treatment which could lessen the danger of having a massive stroke from one in 20 people each day to one in 100. Professor Peter Rothwell, lead researcher stated that the advantage of immediate aspirin therapy was greatly underestimated.

He added that they need to encourage people if they think they have had some neurological symptoms which could be a minor stroke or TIA to take aspirin instantly and seek medical attention at the earliest. Using aspirin immediately could reduce the danger of major strokes for those who tend to have minor warning signs.

Professor Rothwell informed that their findings confirm the effectiveness of urgent treatment after TIA and minor stroke and shows that aspirin is the most important component. Speedy treatment with aspirin could considerably reduce the danger as well as severity of an early recurrent stroke. The discovery has effects for doctors who should give aspirin if a TIA or minor stroke is suspected instead of waiting for the assessment and examination of the physician.

Essential to Bring About Awareness

The discovery also has suggestion for public education. Most of the patients do not seek medical help and tend to delay for some days. Half of these patients incline to have a TIA before they seem to get treatment for TIA. It is essential to bring about awareness among people to take an aspirin if they tend to have a TIA or a minor stroke like sudden-onset unfamiliar neurological symptoms, which could be beneficial in addressing this problem especially if timely treatment is not available.

According to Dr Dale Webb, Director of Research and Information at the Stroke Association states that a TIA is a medical emergency and an urgent neurological assessment needs to be pursued. The research shows that taking aspirin after TIA can dramatically reduce the risk and severity of further stroke. The findings recommend that anyone having symptoms that are improving while they have been waiting for medical attention could, if they can, take one dose of 300 mg aspirin.

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