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Tuesday 2 June 2020

10 Metabolism Boosting Foods to Losing Weight Fast

Metabolism is the body’s way of burning calories and producing energy for the body’s functioning. It’s also an excellent way to lose to the extra pounds. By having a high metabolism you can burn more and become thinner faster; in the healthy sense by the way. Besides exercise, there are also certain foods that are known to boost the metabolism. In this post we’ll be looking at 10 metabolism boosting foods for a flatter stomach.

10 Metabolism Boosting Foods

Eggs as one of the 10 metabolism Boosting Foods: 

Eggs are also a source of protein. Proteins are known to increase the body’s TEF by 15-30%. TEF stands for the thermal effect of foods. TEF means the amount of energy that the body expends to digest, absorb and process nutrients form the food you eat. The more the TEF the more fat you burn.
Other foods produce TEF in the realms of 0-10%. Proteins are also known to keep you feeling full for longer.

Flaxseeds to a leaner Stomach: 

Flaxseeds are known to contain fibers, nutrients and some essential vitamins. They are also known to boost one’s metabolic rate. Studies have shown that flaxseeds in your diet can help boost your metabolism. The fiber found in flaxseeds also ferments in the gut, thus improving the health of it.

Have Lentils in your Diet: 

Lentils and legumes such as peas and beans are good when it comes to boosting your metabolism. These proteins do what all proteins do and increase your metabolism. They like the one above also have certain fibers that aid in gut health.

Chili Peppers as one of the 10 Metabolism Boosting Foods: 

Chili peppers or any spicy food is known to improve one’s metabolism. Chili Peppers contain capsaicin which is a known source for boosting your metabolism. Also by eating spicy food you feel fuller for longer.


By including ginger in your diet you can increase your body’s temperature and also boost its metabolism.

Green Tea: 

Here studies aren’t so conclusive. While some say green tea extracts increase fat metabolism at both rest and exercise periods, still others aren’t so sure.


Coffee that is rich in caffeine is said to boost your metabolism. But sometimes too much caffeine in your diet can also be bad for you. This is apart from the sugar and cream you add into your coffee, which again packs in the calories.

Brazil nuts: 

Brazil Nuts are known to contain selenium. This is a mineral which increases metabolism and also boosts the immunity.


Broccoli contains something that is known as glucoraphanin. This something helps in not only boosting your metabolism but also lowers blood fat levels and reduces the risk of many age related illnesses.

Leafy Vegetables as one of 10 metabolism boosting foods: 

Leafy vegetables like kale and others are rich in iron. Iron is known to not only boost metabolism but to also aid in growth as well as development. By pairing leafy vegetables with a source of vitamin C like lime, you will help in increasing the body’s absorption of iron.

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