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Wednesday 8 July 2020

Meditation for Beginners- A Complete Guide

Meditation for Beginners
In the present day world, stress and a disturbed mind is human being's biggest problem. Meditation is the simplest way to calm one's mind, make them think clearly and become a stress-free person. Meditation has been practised for more than thousands of year. Meditation always produces a stress-free mind and a deep state of relaxation.

Meditation for beginners may be strange. They need to sit in silence with their innermost feelings and relax. Sometimes people find it difficult to sit quietly in one place and do nothing. Most of the time, countless thoughts erupt in your mind, and you need to stay calm and relax, which is the most difficult part. But once you do it regularly, you will find meditation to be the best method to relax.

Meditation for beginners- A Complete Guide

Meditation has always had a huge impact on us. It helps people for the better. Meditation has the following benefits:

Less Stress: Most of the people meditate to get rid of stress. Everyone wants a stress free mind. The increased level of the stress hormone called cortisol which produces many harmful effects of stress. It can even cause depression, increase blood pressure, disrupt sleep and cloud thinking. And research has shown that a meditation technique called "Mindful Meditation" reduces the inflammation caused by stress.

Improves concentration and attention: Not only kids, but even grown-ups also suffer from lack of concentration and attention. “Focused-attention meditation” helps you to increase your attention span. Studies have revealed that workers who have practised meditation are more focused and stay focused on the task for a longer time. In addition to this, research has found that even meditating for four days can improve your concentration and meditation. So, even meditation for beginners has a greater impact.

Helps fight addiction: Meditation can help you control your cravings, redirect attention and increase your willpower. It can break your dependency by increasing self-control. In simple words, meditation develops mental discipline and redirects our mind from unwanted cravings and addictions.

Controls anxiety and improve sleep: Stress-free mind always has less stress. "Habitual meditation" has helped people manage their anxiety level. These days most of the people suffer from insomnia. Researches revealed that people who meditate fall asleep soon and stay asleep for a longer time. Variety of meditation helps you to control your countless thoughts that interrupt your sleep.

A Basic Meditation for Beginners

As mentioned before, meditation for beginners might be a little difficult job. So, in the beginning, meditating for 5-10 minutes is recommendable. Later with practice, timings can be increased. And that is because meditating with a distracted mind id of no use.

Following are the simple steps to do meditation for beginners:

  • Find a place: To start meditation for beginners, you need to find the best place for meditating. Find a site that is quiet and calm without any disturbance and distractions. In addition to this, you can even play a piece of relaxing music in the background, light a candle or incense sticks.
  • Choose the best time: Choose the best to meditate according to your convenience. Make sure you meditate every day at the same time. Skipping your meditation schedule isn't preferable. Give some time for yourself in your busy schedule.
  • Wear a comfy dress: Make sure you wear comfortable and loose clothes. Tight or uncomfortable will not allow you to focus.
  • Posture: With your comfy dress on, sit comfortably. You can sit on a chair, couch or even on the floor. Choose the place according to your comfort. But make sure you sit straight.
  • Start Meditating: Before you start meditating set a timer. And then start breathing normally. Slowly relax and focus your mind. Don’t force your brain to focus. On the first day itself, you can't expect your mind to focus and relax. It may take time. All you need to do is practice meditation every day without fail. Yeah, meditation for beginners can't be that easy. But that isn't a big issue. You will get it with practice.

Meditation Problems

Though meditation is one of the simplest methods to calm your mind, it is also one of the most difficult ones for beginners. Meditation for beginners is difficult until it is practiced regularly.

Following are a few problems that beginners might face:

“I Can’t Seem to Find Time for Meditation”: This phrase is the most common one ever. Many people complain that they don’t have time for meditating. People these days have a busy schedule that they don’t have time for themselves. What you can do in this case is that put yourself in the first place. Spend some time for yourself.

“I Can’t Stop Thinking!”: It is common to have countless thoughts when you sit quietly and meditate. Our mind will always wonder when we meditate. For this, you can do "Breathe counting". It is the most effective method to calm down your wandering mind. Breathe counting means counting your breathing cycle. All you need to do is inhale and exhale slowly and count it till 10. Once you reach ten, you must again count till 1 in reverse order. Meditation will help you calm your mind and redirect your thoughts.

“I Can’t Seem to Relax”: Sometimes your body can't relax that will make more stressed and anxious. And this becomes very difficult for beginners to meditate. Meditation for beginners becomes difficult when your mind refuses to settle. The only way to make your mind calm is by exhausting its energy. You can do this by listening to relaxing music, exercising and going for a walk.

“When I meditate, I experience uncomfortable sensations in my body”: When you meditate, it is common for you to experience body pain, cramps or sensation of hotness or cold. To avoid these problems, first, you have to make sure your sitting posture is straight. It is always difficult to spot your bad positions. So get help from someone. And also find a place with a better environment. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can seek advice from instructors who teach meditation for beginners.

“I keep drowsing or spacing out”: It is very common for people to drowse off or space out while meditating. This mainly happens in meditation for beginners. It would help if you injected some more energy into your meditation practice when you find yourself drowsing off. When you still can't stay focused, you can practice walking meditation.

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