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Sunday 9 May 2021

Belly Fat Burner: Best Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Belly Fat Burner: Best Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

One tends to look at their midsection for beauty purposes only. The trim waistline lends a ' Youthful' look, and you can dress better. But is that all? Let us discuss about the belly fat burner here in this post.

One must know how to naturally lose belly fat and ensure it does not creep back. The truth, however, is that belly alone would not shrink. The overall weight does go down, and it takes the stomach down with it. You can be sure that the health risk is also minimized with the disappearance of visceral fat.

Found below are a few practical ways of reducing belly fat.

Out of all the practical ways, the best way to reduce belly fat is by consuming. Found below is the list of foods we need to consume, which would help us reduce belly fat and improve our health and immunity.

Belly Fat Burner Diet: 

1. A diet that contains high protein:

Proteins go a long way in helping us maintain our weight. By consuming proteins, fullness in our stomach is an unavoidable feeling, which prevents us from consuming anything else leave alone craving. Pancreatic Peptide YY (PPY) is released due to such fullness and directly affects the system by decreasing food intake.

It also increases the metabolism and does not contribute to abdominal fat, and this is one way of losing belly fat naturally.

2. Coconut oil in place of Cooking Fats:

Oil does contribute towards fat, but we cannot avoid it too. Therefore the best oil is the oil that makes the most negligible contribution towards fat. It is indeed Coconut oil that possesses medium-chain fats, which increases your metabolism but lowers the fat even with a high intake.

3. Once in a week - Fatty fish:

As discussed earlier, we aim to increase our health too. Fatty fish is full of health as they possess Omega- 3 fats. The Visceral Fat is shot down along with abdominal and liver fat.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:

This food contains acetic acid, which can attack fat storages in the abdominal areas. It is enough to consume two tablespoons every day, and a fat loss is bound to occur.

5. Food or Supplement! Probiotic is best:

These are bacteria that can be traced in foods or supplements. Bacteria do play a significant role in weight management or even weight loss. Belly fat is no exception to this, as these bacteria belong to the Lactobacillus family, affecting belly fat.

Foods to avoid while reducing belly fat:

1. Trans Fats foods:

When unsaturated fats contain hydrogen, it is known as Trans Fats, and they are commonly found in margarine and Soybean oil. Apart from increasing the fat in the abdominal area, Trans fats increase the probability of heart diseases, diabetes (by decreasing insulin levels). Therefore it is best to avoid Tran’s fats if mentioned in the product label and avoid belly fattening.

2. Levels of Alcohol!

Alcohol is not entirely harmful if one consumes it in small portions. When the quantity is increased, as it does typically, belly fat is a definite result, along with other health hazards. Therefore with limited consumption, one can control fattening around the abdominal area.

3. Sugar, Sugar, and more sugar!

It's almost impossible to live without sugar as our taste palates demand and crave sugary foods. Fructose is an integral part of sugar, and when quantities are exceeded, health problems along with an ever-increasing belly are the results. So, it's best to be aware of the harmful effects that sugar can cause and keep the quantity at a minimum.

4. Meat of all kinds:

Meat is high in calories and takes a longer duration to digest. Red meat may be increased in protein, but a health risk too!

5. Carbs:

Carbohydrates or carbs are the fuel for the system. They give you energy and keep you active throughout the day. One has to avoid refined carbs present in bread, rice, potatoes, etc., which lowers your metabolism. With metabolism going down, activity goes down, and fat accumulation is the result. Cut Carbs substantially to reduce your weight.

6. Salt:

One can blame sodium or salt, as it is most commonly known, for a stomach which is well rounded. Salt indeed adds taste to food, but excess salt leads to water retention. Such water retention leads to fat in the belly area. One of the leading health risks that salt consumption possesses is the imbalance in blood pressure levels.

7. Milk: White and Dangerous:

Milk is an unavoidable food in our daily lives. The best move would be to the Lactose from it and consume it.

Belly Fat Burner Exercises: 


Limiting calories you consume every day and measuring how much you burn involves a high level of concentration. Therefore, it is imperative to add a few simple but effective exercises to your daily routine to ensure they are done away with, especially the fat that encircles the abdominal area. Here are those exercises that can be done at home and tips on losing belly fat naturally.

1. Walk:

It is the most natural and straightforward movement which we indulge in every day. To make it more effective, one has to 'walk' with a purpose. A continuous walk for 30 plus minutes with measured strides and a breathing pattern would help flatten the bulges. Walking is also considered the healthiest of exercises.

2. Crunches:

An exercise that can be done from the comfort of your homes. The movement is simple, and the posture uncomplicated. All you need to do is lie flat on the floor belly up. Place your hands behind your hand, and if necessary, clasp them. Now bend your knees and place them on the ground. Raise the knees and pull them towards your stomach without lifting your head. The movement should be only the leg lifted high with your back and head staying as it were.

3. Cycling:

Cycling is an easy way to burn abdominal fat. Even though the movement is more concentrated with the legs pedaling, the heart rate shoots up, and metabolism increases. The waist and thighs are constantly hit, and the calories burn at a faster pace.

4. Jogging:

One can call it a faster form of walking, but jogging is much more popular amoung people. It helps burn fat at a quicker rate when compared to walking or cycling. The distance covered would be much more, and the whole body receives the effect with the belly also.

5. Zumba:

Many feel lazy to work out and wish their abdominal fat would disappear. It is for this very purpose that Zumba became popular. Zumba combines high intensity with fun. It also allows you to connect with your friends. The fast music and the non-stop moves mix well to burn calories at a high rate. The movements are indeed ' exercise prone,' and thus, belly fat would receive its due. Generally popular and practiced by women as an exercise to reduce belly fat for females at home, Zumba can burn 9.5 calories a minute!

6. Oblique:

An innovation over abdominal crunches obliques is one of the most ' targets Oriented' belly fat burner exercises. The body's position initially is that of the Crunches. But in this, the legs are raised to be twisted once the topmost point is reached. One can twist it to the left or right of the waist. The effect is enormous as the sides feel the calories melt away. In common parlance, it is called Love Handles ', which are difficult to burn. Obliques do burn the stubborn fat away.

Belly Fat Burner – Naturally through Home Remedies.

One can also lose fat around the abdominal region naturally by following a few home remedies. Here are those tips on how to lose belly fat naturally:

1. Lemon drops with warm water:

Squeeze a few lemon drops into hot water and allow it to become warm. Drink it on an empty stomach and early in the morning. Adding a teaspoon of honey is advisable.

2. Jeera water:

Add a teaspoon of jeera to a glass of water the night before retiring to bed. The seeds get watered. Drink the empty mixture stomach early morning.

3. Morning Garlic:

Chew garlic and a couple of cloves early in the morning. Garlic detoxifies and flushes out the toxins.

4. Water and more water:

You can have water throughout the day, but if you can drink it empty stomach early in the morning, it helps detoxify.

Women and Belly Fat:

Women are relatively more conscious than men when it comes to belly fat. The need to get concerned is inevitable as it involves both health and the beauty factor.

So, here are the common reasons for fat accumulation around the abdominal area for women:

  • Estrogens levels are found below.
  • Post menopause adds inches in the inevitable waist area.
  • Hormones, aging, and genetics play a role in adding fat in the lower belly region.
  • Poor nutrition, decreasing activity levels, with lack of exercise schedule cause belly fat in females.

Natural Supplements:

When one says the word supplements, the other word which gets attached is controversial. But, there are natural Belly Fat Burner Supplements. 

Here is the list:

  • Caffeine which can boost metabolism and fat can be burnt naturally.
  • Protein powder which helps in curbing your appetite and boost metabolism.
  • Fibre that is soluble can absorb water and increase PPY, GLP- 1 hormone, which contributes to fullness.
  • Green Tea extract, which burns fat in the manner explained earlier.


Certain things do pose a difficulty in life and fat, and especially Belly Fat ranks top. As suggested above, if one adopts a mix of the various ways suggested, it would serve well in the short or long run.

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