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Saturday 5 June 2021

Yoga Nidra-Explained

Yoga is a word that everyone has heard of at some point or the other. It was the Rig Veda which mentioned this word first, close to 5000 years back.

The question is whether Yoga Nidra is part of Yoga? It is as old as Yoga itself, and even the great epic Mahabharata mentions it.

Found below is a brief passage on what it is, its benefits, etc.

Yoga Nidra- Meaning:

It can be best described as ' psychic sleep:

To explain it or throw more clarity ' The guided meditation induces a state in which you are conscious. Still, that state lies In-between sleeping and wakefulness, thus making it ' Active meditation.'

The one in that state appears asleep to the other people, but they are unaware that the practitioner is consciously operating at excellent internal levels.

Here are the salient features of Yoga Nidra:

1. Inner Tension Reliever:

The definition of relaxation differs as far as this is concerned. To many, relaxation is going early or on time to bed and sleep undisturbed for 7 - 8 hours in the night.

Sleep does well for bodily functions but hardly changes the tensions you went to bed with. This defines relaxation as the state of mind where one is relieved of inner tensions completely.

It advocates a far better efficient resting form compared to the eight-hour sleep. It equates one hour of sleep the yoga way with four hours of conventional sleep. Under this,

  • The body is wholly alienated, thus allowing for total relaxation of every limb and bones 
  • Such separation gets rid of complete fatigue and tension the physical body is bound to possess. 
  • It helps get rid of headaches, depression, cravings, desires, anxieties, etc., thus paving a new way for complete rejuvenation. 
  • The body and mind are energized now, and the natural capacity it possesses for healing is back.

2. Active Meditation:

It is otherwise called Raja Yoga which is divided into eight stages which are

  1. Yamas & Niyamas - These are the ethical rules.
  2. Pranayama - Exercises to breathe properly 
  3. Pratyahara- all senses withdrawal 
  4. Asanas- The perfect postures. 
  5. Dharana, which helps concentration 
  6. Dhyana, which is concerned with meditation 
  7. Samadhi which involves transcendental consciousness.

In this, the eight stages are evenly split at the center. Stages 1-4 are termed as external stages which concern consciousness which is rational and analytical.

The subconscious mind comes into play in the final four stages.

It is Pratyahara through this process that helps to divide the emotions from the body. In other words, it is the higher stage of Raja Yoga.

So, how is this implemented? 


The following are considered essential while practicing this art:

  • The disciple or learner has to follow all instructions without questioning or by-passing them.
  • Alertness and complete wakefulness is essential 
  • All experiences should be viewed without bias, and total detachment and emotions should not be in play. 
  • It is not to be misunderstood as concentration as that would hinder students from absorbing or compromising on awareness more profound into the self.

Step by step process:

1. Relax all parts of the body deeply till complete stillness is achieved. 2. Using sensations and feelings, the learner should recreate actual experiences. 3. After these experiences, the balance is brought back where the learner experiences ultimate calmness. 4. As a last step, the emotions will completely disassociate from both body and mind.

There are neither curbs nor restrictions on who has to learn and practice -t As explained above Itis simply yogic sleep.

What are the benefits and beliefs of Yoga Nidra?

1. It is the perfect solution who suffer from 

  •  Insomnia 
  • Anxiety 
  • disturbed sleep 
  • Trauma mental in nature 
  • Burn-out.

2. It is the best solution to keep ourselves in the most harmonious state possible.

3. One can self-heal and discover their original self, which is blissful.

4. It is a state of being in conscious relaxation but at the same time being completely aware of what is happening in the world around you.

5. It helps one achieve complete freedom from existing concepts of reason, space, and time.

6. The extra burden or the unnecessary baggage in mind is entirely rid of, making your subconscious clear.

7. At one point, it enters a healing state with a reduction in brain activity. At this point, the toxins are cleared up from the cells, and the mind achieves more clarity.

8. Guided visualization can be used in it if the situation demands it.

9. The most significant hazard in sleep is dreams, whereas it allows deep concentration without dream interference.

There is no better solution than this yoga, which can handle daily stress, which has many forms and triggers. With this conquered, we are bound to move towards our reality slowly but surely.

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