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Wednesday 14 July 2021

Toe Fungus and Home Remedies

Toe Fungus and Home Remedies

What is Toe- Fungus?

The cause of toe fungus infection occurs when the infection manages to slip into the nail cracks or a cut skin in the area. It leads to a change in color, or it starts getting thicker. The pain starts and never recedes.

The toes to get easily affected is that the area is damp and warm most of the time. It is a perfect setup for Fungus to harvest itself there. It is not only one type of Fungus, but sometimes yeast also manifests here.

Problems arise when the person ignores treatment at the initial stages. The worst that can happen is that the infection spreads rapidly to the good Toenails and even fingernails! 



Some symptoms precede the Toe Fungus infection as detailed below:

  • Build-up of dirt and debris below the toenail. 
  • Total discolorations; the nails could turn green, brown, yellow, etc. • Thickness increase in such affected nails, or they start crumbling 
  • Nails could also grow thinner, which may split later 
  • Nail lifts quickly from the skin detached. 


Treatment of Toe Fungus:

Medically known as Onychomycosis, the ailment arises with the infection to the toe. The symptoms are discoloration of the Toenails, nail thickening, etc.

There are treatments available. They are:

  •  Terbinafine (Lamisil) 
  • Fluconazole (Diflucan) 
What are Prescription oral antifungals?

They have proven themselves effective treatments against this ailment, but the bad news is that side effects spring up. Stomach upsets, Dizziness, Jaundice, along other skin issues are a possibility.

Hence, Home remedies are safer even though the healing time takes longer. 


Home remedies:

1. Cornmeal

Cornmeal contains certain fungi from spreading, but it has proven itself helpful in terminating the toe fungus.

How to use Cornmeal?

  • Use a shallow pan to gather the Cornmeal. 
  • Mix it with Luke warm water so that it becomes a paste. 
  • Let the mix cool down. 
  • Now place the feet in the pan for one hour every week till you get results. 

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is considered a potent oil, and it has several antifungal properties. There is no doubt that this oil can solve toenail infections as it is one of the ' Pure oils.'

How to use Lavender oil

  • Wash the affected area with a cotton swab 
  • Apply the oil on these parts. 
  • Wipe it using a paper towel. 
  • Follow this procedure every day (at least four times). 
  • Keep on at it, till you see good results 
  • In case the oil irritates your skin, dilute it in the ratio of 3: 1 in olive oil so that the irritation disappears. Even a combination with Tree oil is good enough to clear the infection. 

3. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

ACV is mainly known for its multiple medicinal properties, and which include healing the toe fungus. ACV has antifungal properties.

How to use ACV

  • Mix ACV with water in the ratio 1: 2, respectively, and bathe the affected part of the foot for 30 minutes at least. 
  • Dry your feet with dry paper towels. 
  • Do this every day and for a week minimum till you start seeing results. 

4. Baking Soda

It is a belief that baking soda absorbs moisture that leads to Toe Fungus. It's not.

In a study conducted, it was found that baking soda the growth of Fungus by 79 %. The second study revealed Baking soda prevented 17% of the fungal growth. Total eradication does not happen at all.

How to use Baking soda:

  • Place the Baking Soda in your shoes and socks for it to soak up the moisture. 
  • The other method is making a paste of Baking Soda with water and applying it to the toe's affected portions. 
  • Allow it to dry for ten minutes and rinse it clean. Repeat the procedure several times a day till the entire Fungus gets cleared up. 


You can find Vinegar in every household as it has uses in either cleaning or cooking ingredient. As of date, there is no proof to suggest it has healing properties as far as Toe fungus is concerned.

How to use Vinegar

  • Place the toe, Vinegar, covered in a bowl filled with warm water. The bowl should have 2: 1 warm water and Vinegar. 


Home remedies exist for all ailments. They are harmless as there are no side effects. The other fact is that they have been tested over generations. It's also advisable to consult a Doctor to remedy Toe- Nail Fungus.

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