Sunday, 28 July 2013

Acidity and Cure

Due to pressure of work and the hectic schedules of life, we tend to disregard health issues propping up in our lives. Very often our eating habits are affected due to this uneven intake of food, which takes its toll on our health. Acidity is one such ailment due to irregular and improper eating habits causing discomfort which can affect the health of a person. The food consumed by us gets digested due to the naturally produced acid which helps in the digestion process. When the so called naturally produced acid tends to increase in the stomach, due to some glands in the stomach, the person suffers acidity. Some of the symptoms of acidity are heartburn, chest pain or irritation in the esophagus. People suffering from acidity, need to change their eating habits making sure that they maintain regular and timely eating habits.

 They could start by consuming raw food which is rich in health improving enzymes which gets destroyed when it is cooked. In order to retain its nutrients and enzymes it is better to consume raw food and benefit from them. Intake of Vitamin D helps in increasing antimicrobial peptides which are very helpful in curing infection in the throat and the digestive system. Vitamin D is naturally available with exposure to the sun and in fish, cod liver oil, mushrooms and eggs, Banana is also helpful for acidity patients, which has a high content of potassium and a sure remedy to lower acidity level and stomach ulcers. Cabbage is also known to soothe the stomach lining and mucous membranes when they are irritated. The fresh cabbage juice can be used for treating ulcers which stimulated the flow of the blood within the stomach and strengthens it. These information could prove to be of great help to individuals and save them from indulging in expensive treatments which may take its own time and course for desired results.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Medicinal value of Papaya

Papaya is an all season fruit which is available anytime of the year and it is known as the fruit of Angels since it is juicy and delicious which is liked by all besides being very beneficial for the overall health of individuals.  This fruit contains enzyme known as Papain which helps in the digestion of protein and is also used as a dietary supplement. It has good contents of antioxidants and nutrients like Vitamin A, B and C, fiber, flavonoids, carotenes and minerals such as potassium and magnesium.  Besides, its pulp is also used as main constituents in facial creams and shampoos. It is a wholesome fruit with many benefits to hair and skin.

It contains many healthy ingredients that contribute to glowing skin and healthy hair growth. Its contents of Papain and Vitamin A, helps in breaking down inactive proteins and aids in removal of dead cells. Its low sodium quality helps in retaining water contents in the body and save it from dehydration. Papaya is also useful as a moisturizer for the skin. Ripe papaya paste can be applied to the face and left for fifteen minutes, rinsed and pat dry with a cloth for good results.

The application of raw papaya paste to the face for twenty five minutes helps to reduce blemishes and pimples. If the fruit is consumed on a regular basis, it leaves the skin glowing, soft and supple Cracked and painful heels can also be treated by applying the papaya paste to the affected area. The papaya peel is also helpful in whitening the face and the underarm area.  Ringworms can also be treated by rubbing a slice of raw papaya to the affected area and reduce the inflammation on the ringworm patches.  It also reduces the signs of aging on the face since it contains a generous amount of Alfa Hydroxy Acid, a great anti aging property.  This can be done by rubbing the papaya peel over the face leaving it for five minutes and then rinse the face with cold water.     

Monday, 22 July 2013

Helpful facts for minor ailments

You will be surprised to know that Mouthwash can help to eliminate fungus in toenails since it contains disinfectant and antiseptic ingredients. Person suffering from fungus can soak their feet in Listerine mouthwash twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of the fungus growth in toenails and obtain relief from the same. Listerine has also helped in eliminating dandruff and blisters where the same is dabbed on the blisters twice or thrice a day and then let to dry out. Olive Oil which is rich in Vitamin E is an excellent skin moisturizer and helps to cure painful Eczema. Headaches are caused due to tension giving rise to clenching of the jaw resulting to this ache. This can be eliminated by holding a pencil gently between the teeth which will help the jaw muscles to relax and ease the headache.

 If one is suffering from foot odor, Vodka can be used for treating the same since it contains alcohol, an antiseptic drying agent which destroys odor causing fungus and bacteria while drying out the moisture that enables these organisms to grow. Minor skin ailments especially oily skin can be treated with tomatoes since they contain a generous amount of antioxidants, acidic contents, vitamin A and C. For treatments, a small tomato can be smashed into a pulp and applied to the affect area or the face and left for an hour, washed thereafter with warm water and tapped dry. This process can be followed once a day for a week to get amazing results. Hiccup spasm can be stopped by swallowing a teaspoon of sugar when it occurs. By doing so, the sudden sweetness on the tongue helps to overload the nerve that ends in the mouth and stops the hiccup. We could pay heed to these useful tips in our daily life and benefit from the same.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Healthy Lifestyle!

The basic of good health is a balanced diet together with regular exercises that can keep the body fit and in good shape.  One can begin the day with a scheduled fitness program wherein the physical exercise can do wonders to the body and reduce the risk of any chronic ailments. Following a regular plan for exercise helps individuals in reducing excess weight, strengthen muscles, bones, reduces heart ailments and much more.  If a person is suffering from any chronic disease, they should consult their physician before involving in any exercise as a precautionary measure. Regular exercise in strength training for heart disease can do wonders in improving muscle strength and endurance thereby slowing down the disease related to muscles, making it easier to perform the daily routine activities. One can get relief from backaches and pain with regular aerobic exercise which can strength the muscle and its endurance in the overall muscle function. Back muscle and abdominal exercise helps in strengthening the muscles around the spine and reduce the symptoms of any ailments.

Regular exercise also helps in relieving the stiffness in joints in the arthritis patients helping in maintaining muscle strength in the painful joints reducing the stiffness in the affected area. Asthma patients are benefited with regular exercise which helps in controlling the severity and frequency of any asthma attacks. Diabetic patients indulging in regular exercise are also benefited when the insulin effectively lowers the blood sugar level of the diabetic person.

 Regular exercise should be a daily schedule of one’s life to maintain a healthy `YOU’.  One should set goals in achieving the desired results and not get disappointed on not receiving immediate results.  Walking is one of the most effective exercises besides other workouts which can be done at anytime and at any place. Besides, one gets to enjoy the freshness of the environment while exercising in the natural surroundings of nature and benefit from the same. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Eye Health Supplement Macula Hx

The famous phrase that, `the Eye is the window of our soul,’ has a mixed response where some may join in agreement while others may not. But the truth lays in the fact that the reflection of the inner most feelings and emotions of an individual can be seen in the eyes. Health conscious individuals have a tendency to take care of their overall health and strive to maintain it the best way they can. Some may resort to homemade remedies while others may engage in involving in supplements which could be beneficial to them health wise. With technology playing a very important role in our present times, we can now have access to all information and products which are available at online sites with ease and comfort without the need of visiting any store for the same and these products are delivered to the desired choice of individual’s destination. Eye Health Supplement Macula Hx™ is made available for interested clients who can purchase the same from online service providers which are offered with discounted pricing.

 This supplement consist of nutrients which are very helpful for the general eye health with ingredients like natural carotenoids Lutein, Beta carotene, Lycopene, Zeaxanthin, Bilberry Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A and Mineral Zinc. The benefits of this supplement is that the tablet is easy to swallow, its nutrients support the eyes including, retina, cornea, lens, macula, aqueous humor, vitreous as well as retinal blood vessels. It also supplies natural Lutein and Zeaxanthin and other eye friendly nutrients in maintaining healthy eyes. Users could take the opportunity of the best value for money offered on this product while they are available for the benefit of the customers. Users could also opt for a free catalogue by registering at the site and also receive updates on the latest offers which may come up from time to time and take advantage of the same. For any queries to be resolved, users can get in touch with their team of chemists or nutritionists who are available both online and at stores to cater o the needs of their clients.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Amazing cure for Dengue Fever

Inhabitants of this planet earth have been blessed with natural remedies which are freely available in nature for the various ailments we come across in our lives. Gaining knowledge on these remedies can be very beneficial when afflicted with the disease. A natural cure for dengue fever is the juice of papaya leaves which are available in nature and the need to visit a chemist and purchase the medication is not needed. All the plants, fruits and vegetable have their own ingredients of restoring us back to our normal health but with little knowledge on its medicinal benefits. Sharing and imparting knowledge could also save other individuals for suffering and restore them back to their normal life and sharing is caring for our fellow beings.

 It is a known fact that the papaya leaves when crushed and the juice extracted from it, can increase the platelet count which drops when a person is afflicted with dengue fever. The papaya leaves has cooling effect and helps to reduce the level of heat in a dengue patient relieving them of the fever with amazing speed and restoring them back to their normal health. Besides dengue fever, this amazing juice is also helpful in case of sore throat or person suffering from heat. Bringing about this awareness in natural remedies could help in restoring many lives back to their normal health. This remedy is natural without any side effects and is freely available given to us by God for a purpose and we should take advantage of the same.