Sunday, 23 January 2011

Our three energy channels regulate our being

Our being organized around three main channels. The left and right channels have biological support for our sympathetic nervous system. They are solicited in this manner:

• The right channel is requested for any physical activity, mental or creative. It is the channel of the action.

• The left channel on the other hand, manages our emotional behavior, emotional and sensitive. It is the channel emotions.

• The central channel which finally has support biological our parasympathetic nervous system manages our so-called autonomous functions (breathing, heartbeat, ...). It is the channel of our spiritual evolution where our Kundalini energy flows.

The Sanskrit word "chakra" means wheel. These energy centers or chakras correspond to our major nerve plexus in the body. These chakras have certain qualities that we can leave to surrender or we can enrich it.

By regular practice of meditation according to the method of Sahaja Yoga, we learn about our chakras, to respect them and improve them. Naturally and spontaneously, they reveal their innate in us. By a simple technique, we can feel ourselves the purity of our subtle system: energy channels and chakras. It is this practical aspect that they develop for us, their courses and introductory workshops near us. It is a "second birth", the starting point of your true potential.


Self-realization is a natural and spontaneous process that begins with awareness and the awakening of spiritual energy that you currently residing in the waking state (Kundalini in Sanskrit).

When awakened, this energy rises along your spine, regenerates and nourishes your nervous centers subtle.

Then it manifests as a cool breeze that you can physically feel in your hands and top of head (at the fontanel).

It is this sacred knowledge and secret known by all mystical traditions is symbolized in the 3 illustrations on this page.

You can now perceive concretely the state of your chakras, and thus your whole being, directly on the tips of your fingers!

You must now verify this by your own experience of the Self-Realization. Do not wait any longer to discover your true nature....

For complete details on your chakras and energy channels, start with this pattern of subtle system.

We have 3 channels (3 vertical lines on the diagram) and 7 chakras (7 round numbered on the diagram).

The founder of Sahaja Yoga Shri Mataji has received numerous honors and recognitions for his knowledge on how this system works fine on our being and in many areas.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Kundalini and Self-Realization


Traditional representation of the Kundalini as a "tongue of fire" on the top of the head (Judeo-Christian).

Of all the energies that drive us, there is one who is the mother of all other ...
nature of spiritual energy that lies dormant in you, manifest the love that God bears us.

It is called Kundalini, and is present in each of us with the same potential for inner riches ... This living energy is ready to be revealed to our consciousness: Sahaja Yoga begins with the awakening of the Kundalini naturally.

The spiritual energy that is in you is called Kundalini.


Traditional representation of the Kundalini as a woman gushing from the top of the head of Shri Shiva (Hindu tradition).

The spiritual energy and vital, which is called Kundalini in Sanskrit, originally resides in the sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of the spine).

When awakened, this energy activates the central channel and through the chakras to come splashing crown, up to the fontanel, symbolized by a lotus with a thousand petals.

Once this awakening occurs, you can perceive a subtle but concrete. A new state of consciousness moves in us.

Therefore, you can feel directly the status of your subtle energy centers or chakras and improve them.

A profound self-knowledge begins, guided by this awareness. You have the cards to move forward on the path to your spiritual evolution with much more ease and discernment.

This discovery is truly unprecedented as it gives you, for the first time the possibility to transform autonomously and independently.

Improving our "instrument" spiritual opens access to a condition of inner balance and joy, and enables us to participate fully in the world a better place. That may be starting with themselves that better times will come!

Self-realization is the ultimate mystical experience


Traditional representation of the Kundalini as a halo of flames around the heads of characters 'saints'.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Inner Light

Many people, when autumn comes, feel rather melancholy, if not completely depressed. It is well accepted that the lack of sunlight affects our morale. But have we asked whether this state is due to the low autumn light or if it's because it is caulked at home? By analogy, is there not a similar phenomenon with people who lack a sort of inner light? Would not it their mind that obscures their psyche by closing all windows of the soul by negative thoughts?

Similarly, we talk about environmental pollution that causes the disease. And it's very much a reality as there are unfortunately in our body as many chemicals to eliminate all these bottles and plastic bags that pollute our environment. But if we continue by comparing the visual pollution to the pollution by bad thoughts, we can say: "Stop you fill out the clutter inside yourself." The only way to get rid of those bulky plastic, it's good to burn. Similarly, the only way to eradicate the malaise is to consume the dark thoughts simply by calling us feelings of light. To do this, open the windows to the soul expression. Sometimes you say, it's very difficult, especially because of loneliness. It is less cumbersome to wear that has a spiritual life, who spends part of his time to meditation and contemplation, drawing on people who enter a monastery, agreeing to do the mourning, their material life.

Certainly, we are here confronted with a form of solitude. But it's nothing compared to that of the soul, confined in the prison in which the mind the cloister. To not be locked, it must avoid being self-centered, it should stop the ideas take us back to ourselves and instead try to find something that is useful to others while using what we really are. Participate in humanitarian work, volunteering.

If you do not succeed, that your doors and windows remaining closed, then it is best to consult a psychologist, but not any. Looking for someone who has a lofty vision of the human being, a spiritual vision. See may be as someone who happens to be what came out in your subconscious. Because it is difficult to find what is wrong deep within themselves simply by doing relaxation by internalizing or thoughts through meditation. Yet nothing more important in periods of ill-being than asking who you really is. And since there is a link to health, the daily practice of interior contact can certainly help us make better health and also brighter.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Death and Eternity

You know, of course, that you will die, but it remains a mere mental concept until your first meeting "personal" with death: a severe illness or injury happens to you or a loved one afflicted, or the death of a loved one. Death then enters your life in that time awareness of your own mortality.

Most people turn away from fear, but if you do not stumble and face the impermanence of your body that could dissolve at any time, you reach a certain degree of misidentification, however slight, of your physical and psychological. When you see and accept the transitory nature of all life forms, a strange sense of peace settles in you.

In facing death, your consciousness is freed to some degree of identification with form. Therefore, in Buddhist traditions, the monks regularly visit the morgue to meditate sitting among the remains.

Western culture maintains a general denial of death. Even older people are trying not to talk or think about it, and we hide the bodies. A culture that denies death ends up being superficial, concerned only with the outward form of things. When we deny death, life loses its depth. The possibility of who we are beyond name and form, or to obtain the dimension of the transcendent, disappears from our life, since death is the gateway to this dimension.

People tend to live an end with discomfort, because every end is a little death. Therefore, in many languages, the term used when one leaves means "goodbye. "

Each time an experiment is nearing completion - a gathering of friends, a holiday, the departure of children - we saw a little dead. A "form ", that experience has shown in your consciousness, dissolves, and it often leaves an empty feeling that most people try not to feel, not to confront.