Sunday, 22 May 2011

Yoga to relieve sinus

Yoga can reduce the affection of the sinuses and provide relief from side effects of the disease. It relieves migraines and nasal congestion due to allergies. It also provides greater comfort for the muscles of the face with specific exercises for breathing.

It gives freshness to the mind and body. Exercise Breathing full open nostrils and provides space so that you can breathe comfortably without straining for breath. If there is a blockage that causes the voice is also impaired, breathing exercises help to dissipate in the throat area and helps to make the voice clearer. It provides relief from sneezing and coughing.

Different yoga poses such as:

Surya Namaskar (sun salutation), Bhujangasana (cobra), MATSYASANA (fish), Sinhasana (lion), Savasana (corpse) Viparitakarani (half-candle) and pranayama (breathing exercise) help to alleviate pain due to trauma sinus .

Alternate breathing (NADH Shodan) contributes to failure to provide comfort to the nostrils to provide relief of obstruction in the nose and throat.

Drink plenty of water also helps reduces sinus problems. Beverages like tea; evening should be avoided because they increase the heat in the body and the effect of sinus congestion. Yoga Exercises show guaranteed results, but at the same time, additional precautions must be taken on the food. Exposure to cold should be avoided and at the same time the consumption of foods that are frozen or cold drinks are rather to be kept at a distance!

My grandfather used Thyme infusions to relieve bronchial and cough but here's a great recipe to clear the sinuses also with this beautiful plant:

Facial Sauna with thyme to clear sinuses: Remove thyme leaves (or three good pinches of dried thyme) in a bowl. Drizzle with boiling water. Place the head over the escaping steam, cover and breathe the smell. Repeat from 7 to 8 times a day to combat a flu or sinusitis. Thyme was traditionally used to treat conditions such as coughing and airway inflammation. It also contains thymol, which would be property of tackling bacteria. The Romans used it to purify the air. It is found as an ingredient in some soaps, toothpaste and mouthwash.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Yoga Retreats and Specialized

There are a wide variety of specialized Yoga retreats in sometimes remote jungles with lush tropical beaches and waterfalls. You will certainly discover new facets of yourself that you never knew even existed. These are perfect moments to get started or give a boost to your yoga practice, not only for the months to follow, but often for the rest of the year. You would, surprisingly, found your optimum vitality, learned to relax, reduce stress levels of everyday life, a personalized yoga and often adapted for a particular purpose. In the morning, you walk on a beach or in the woods or countryside before the yoga class.

The afternoons are usually spent on asanas, exercises or activities to go deeper still in the process of transformation. Those who wish May also during such free time to relax in their rooms or hammocks. The retreats are normally off the beaten path in the mountains, near the beach or the countryside where you have a chance to relax, meditate and enjoy the experience and the real benefits of yoga. Normally in these places there is almost no traffic, no noise, only those birds or water and certainly no television, telephones or shopping malls. In fact, a yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to get out of our days and rediscover or discover new facets of itself.

Still enchanted Retirement we just live for two days Thousand Islands, in a splendid setting with the beautiful colors of Autumn, I also wanted to share outline of the main benefits that participants have observed:

    * Live intensely in the moment
    * Get a gift and receive a much larger one which will serve a lifetime
    * Shed doubt, concerns, performance
    * Return its Essence and harmony with oneself and nature
    * Rest and relax away from everyday problems
    * Overcome fears and limitations and discover its true strength
    * Be accepted, understood and supported without trial or competition
    * Discover the wonderful tools to apply at home
    * Welcome the transformative power of nature
    * Take stock of himself and his way of life
    * Consolidate its choice to take care of yourself a priority, etc..

      The list could go on but these are, in my opinion, the most striking revelations and touching this weekend.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Yoga, The Seed of Love

Practicing Yoga and Meditation is to deposit the seeds of love in our hands and learn to become gardeners love, love for oneself above all and love for others.

To honor that commitment of love to myself and to you by the practice and teaching of yoga to help you move into your garden, to plant the seeds of your deepest desires, your plans, your intimate desires, to make them germinate, grow, flourish, I strive every day to bring you the best tools I know and I apply for more than 20 years.

You will create, as you wish, your own garden and learn how to cultivate it.  You will also learn to give it the care needed: water for food, love to make it grow, and your presence to show him your attention and listen.

Everyone is free to plant what they want,
  Flowers of joy and smile,
   Vegetable of harmony and sincerity ...
and all the varieties that suit you.

Yoga classes, meditation or intensive retreat will give you the tools to actually do it, so you can re-contact nature of your soul be happy.  Then everyone will reap the fruits of his seed ...

Before creating his garden; clean the ground for planting seeds. This preliminary work is essential. To do this, yoga exercises, relaxation, meditation and practice outdoors also use the senses, your senses, and your best guide on the path of wellness, to create your garden.
Dare to move the little gate leading to your garden, dare you.
Whatever you discover, you can transform it, improve it, and make it beautiful to taste, as desired.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Yoga copes with grief

"Although we were encouraged to believe that we would lose everything if we open the hand, life on many occasions, we prove otherwise. Letting go is indeed the path of true freedom. When the waves throw themselves to storm the shore, the rocks are not damaged. Instead, the erosion model harmonious forms". (The Tibetan Book of life and death,).

Of course everything goes through phases of mourning inevitable, a sort of choke points in the journey toward healing. Each individual is unique it seems difficult to reduce by the reality of everyone's theories on the subject, but I'd rather give you my testimony with cancer and death with what I experienced personally, and how Yoga has been of immense help.

The work of Elisabeth five stages does retain bereavement.
1. Shock, denial: This short period of mourning occurs when learning loss. It is a period where more or less intense emotions seem virtually absent. When he left this short stage of mourning as the reality of the loss settles.
2. Anger: Stage characterized by feelings of anger at the loss. Guilt can be installed in some cases.
3. Haggling: Negotiating Phase made,
4. Depression: more or less long phase of the grieving process that is characterized by great sadness, questioning, distress. In this phase the bereaved sometimes feel they will never complete their mourning because they had a wide range of emotions and sadness is great.
5. Acceptance: The final stage of grief where the mourner takes the best. The actual loss is much more understood and accepted. The bereaved can still live sad, but it has regained its full operation. He also reorganized his life to the loss.
The 5 stages above may be linear but often a mourner can do in return-to-back before moving forward again. A good way to go through mourning is to understand what they saw and share their feelings and emotions with family members or people who are also grieving.
These steps do not necessarily succeed. This is not an inevitable process. Some people can leave grieving and move to the final stage of freedom of action without feeling that they could carry can be considered negligible.

So we ourselves lived through these stages, thanks to the support, the sympathy of many people but we still happens sometimes after 5 years to rejoin the feelings of anger or guilt or suddenly collapse into tears!

Self-knowledge, listening to his body, his emotions, welcoming non-judgmental acceptance, compassion for oneself and others that yoga was taught and helped me develop been a great help, as well as the practice of postures, pranayama, relaxation, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.
Death can teach us that if we choose to live fully despite the hardships, life rewards us by bringing us back gifts that we thought yet be gone forever.
Yoga teaches us to live the present moment, to live our life here and now "because the only time it really belongs to us. Yesterday is past and will not come back tomorrow and we are still unknown. We never know when death can we catch or seize on a loved one.
After a significant event (bereavement, separation, job loss, and serious illness) infinitely more we taste the reality of the moment.
Every sunrise, every flower that points in the spring, met every smile, singing birds, the eyes of a child take us back to fully enjoy the beauty and constantly Instant.
Just as each crisis with tears, every cry, every despair, every muscle tension, each "ball" at the bottom of the groove or pit of the stomach makes us aware that the body, this marvelous machine, it also reacts strongly foolproof or major stress, and if we do not listen to the signs he sends us in our turn we could develop various ailments and diseases.
Asanas help us in general to be more attentive to his body, its limits, to resolve the tensions embedded in ensuring a smooth functioning of our internal organs, endocrine glands in our our entire nervous system.
In the intense moments of our life, yoga helps us specifically to make the choice to stop, take care of you, taking time to
help restore balance in the storm and move slowly toward healing with gratitude, love and gentleness against oneself.
Walking in nature, take a bath, go see a good show, good dinner with a friend, listen to his favorite music, get a massage, playing with a child, following a session of yoga are all activities that comforting prove to be most effective in taking care of yourself, to open up energy and strength within us and guide us toward healing and fulfillment.
I am convinced that Yoga has helped me to unite and re-unite my body, my mind, my emotions and my mind totally dismantled in a storm and sometimes it will remain my preferred tool for personal growth, a lifestyle unmatched for me and my children. It is becoming a privilege for me to teach and pass on to everyone, young and old, its immense benefits.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Yoga, An art of everyday life

Have you ever wondered if you need yoga? Do you sometimes it makes you feel more tired when you wake up when you're lying? Do you sometimes grains into small packets, canned vegetables and sliced bread pre-packaged inventions are beautiful but they are perhaps not so good? Have you ever wanted to stay in shape while you are saying that the gyms were not for you? Have you ever cursed mankind and swore that the world was going mad? Yes? While yoga has an answer for you. Yoga is always with you, it's a lifestyle, a way of thinking and more than just physical exercise.
That is what I propose you to discover step by step in my humble company here ...
Because yes, Yoga meets a real need today ... and not a chance!
If this discipline millennium has managed to endure (and even be more popular) is that the techniques available have actually been proven?

And you? I wonder if you feel you need yoga or if you're already doing what the major changes he could make in your lives.

Yoga and Acceptance

Acceptance is the answer to all my problems!
"Living is not waiting for the storms pass, but learning to dance in the rain."

I received this quote from an unknown author today after a photo montage. I find it very special occasion because the weather here is not the most lenient to one summer and we have a lot of rain, thunderstorms and cool temperatures! To listen and read reviews of each other here and there, all seem to complain ... except me!

No rain, no heat wave, no storm can disrupt a mind alert and awake. These are many things we don 'have no control. Learn to let go! The only things we have power that is within our state! Then contemplate the rain like the sun ... our mood is a reflection of our spirit, our heart, our soul and weather or change anything! Phew, we said it ... We are conditioned by temperature, seasons or their changes. Now the "habits" are collapsing and our whole world is confused. Now there's nothing else to do but to accept what we cannot change!

Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed that I find the people, place, situation or facts of life unacceptable. Yet I can find no serenity until I accept these people, this place, this or this fact of life, as exact as it MUST be right now. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in this world by mistake.
Instead of focusing on what should be changed in this world, I must concentrate what I need to change in myself and in my attitudes.

So I accept my turn to be disturbed by the fact that most people around me complain about our gloomy summer, for me, because if it did not have much influence on my mood, my projects my or my business trips I take it that this is not the case for everyone!

"If there is a problem, there is a solution," said another Hindu proverb. Whenever we have a problem, we must correct the cause and the problem disappears.

If you feel sad because of this "lack of sun", the causes are the moody, negative, pessimistic or even depressed.. And not our dear solar star in person! Here are a few asanas and pranayama exercises recommended in these circumstances: NADH Sodhani (alternate breathing) Trikonasana (triangle), Torsion Assisi Sarvangasana (the candle), Halasana (the Plough) and of course Savasana (relaxation posture complete) ...

If you need to review these positions, I give you back the link to the photo montage of 5 min. made recently. Erasing and erasing the negative states of consciousness, through our consistent states of consciousness through positive and constructive mental attitudes and regularly practicing asanas and pranayama and we will be guided to become more aware in order to eliminate us by own these various little problems.

"The difficulty is not to understand the new ideas but in escaping old ideas." John Maynard Keynes. And the last to finish ( I love the quotes): "A cloudy day can do nothing against a brilliant temperament." William Arthur Ward

Monday, 16 May 2011

Yoga a fad?

We know how this discipline can be good on the physical, psychological, mental and emotional, so everyone can benefit, especially as the pace and quality of life can be good despite appearances stressful.

Their influence is great on everyone and not just their fans. The West works so with images, idols (actors, singers, etc.)! Despite filling the churches ... we admire the stars of Hollywood ... and even the "stars academicians" unknown yesterday but become in a few weeks, judging by the ratings and all that surrounding national heroes.

I do not listen very often on television but sometimes I came across an ad for small crackers which featured a young woman going to her yoga classes! These pictures are much exploited in the marketing field. This drink, as financial product, such as brand of cereal or yogurt are very Zen, balanced, healthy ... and we offer for sale beautiful women in postures of Yoga, Meditation. The advertisement ends like a subliminal message to get you to buy this product ... but in my opinion to insidiously encourage you to practice Yoga!

Wonderful.... Although Yoga is not competitive, we should not be trying to put performing and compare these games very debatable dimension inducing performance in front of the machine itself actually transmit nevertheless real and true foundations of this ancient art. Some Western and Indian purists surely tearing your hair (if they have!) And I find it very unfortunate for them that they are unable to accept with appreciation, compassion and detachment that yoga was popularized more and more.

They are also not all persons who meet the current criteria of beauty, slim and ultra-fitness physically find themselves faced with this machine and it is at least had the merit of popularizing a greater number of postures, techniques and bases valid and real as can be Yoga.

Of course someone who is curious intrigued and will go any way interested in finding a course, other references to pursue this path if it feels all potentials benefits of such a practice on a regular basis. Children learn through play and imitation, so why would these games do they not understand the youth and adults while the benefits of this ancient art?

I do not see here, for my part, no threat or no sacrilege but a change with the times on the ways and needs to integrate yoga into our lives.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

To lose weight, do yoga!

Women who want to lose weight should abandon their diet and learn to relax. According to a study that lasted about two years, it was concluded that women who followed a program of yoga and meditation had lost weight.
Better yet, they did not return this weight some time later either. In general, these women were more stress-free happy and healthy at the end of the study compared to the beginning. Experts believe that reducing stress reduces our attraction to fatty foods and sweet.

The study was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand and was to divide an initial group of 225 overweight women into 3 groups. The first group took part in yoga, meditation and positive visualization. The second focuses on exercise and nutrition while the latter received only nutrition advice by mail.
It turned out that the three groups had succeeded, ultimately, not to gain more weight.
The most interesting result was however the first group had obtained a much better result than the others: the weight loss was 2.5 kg on average.

Learn and practice relaxation techniques would be a way to combat the stressful life while being less attracted to food of poor nutritional quality. The study also suggests that diets are not the best method to reduce weight. In fact, taking women out of these cycles of dieting is the key to getting a good and lasting health. It was also noted that volunteers who were more focused on weight were less likely to stop efforts quickly.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Yoga for a healthy body and mind

A healthy mind in a healthy body has always been a recipe for happiness. This discipline millennium with great benefits on overall health now has a popularity growing. Yoga is the best system of physical culture that exists. It relaxes, refreshes, tones, firms, regulates body functions, increases energy, beautifies, softens and strengthens the body. It also helps fight against the devastating effects of stress, find inner calm and we discover very quickly that a relaxed mind, calm, serene approach to addressing the same problems in a much more positive.

Yoga is often perceived (by those who do not practice) as a relaxing leisure recommended for stretching, is, according to Indian science of the mind where the physical practice, but especially philosophy are critical because , Yoga requires some experience to maintain a regular breathing, alignment and vertebral, structured relaxation. Among other things, the Hatha Yoga (meaning union strong and harmonious body and mind) is one of practical fitness smooth, ending with a relaxation session absolutely recommended in our current living conditions.

The yoga session is a time where we go from the sounds of outdoor life and disruption it causes to turn toward you. Everyone then finds pleasures as simple as breathing, feel moving. He reconnects with his roots, feels re-unified and more complete. When will plunge straight into the outside world, after yoga, it is with renewed energy and balance regained it may face the daily challenges without being destabilized by them. Stress is reduced initially to disappear soon; the mind is clearer in a flexible body and strengthened.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Yoga for the whole family

The Sanskrit word yoga is the yoke that connects our forces so that they are attached to lead us on our way. The dispersion is a great scourge of our time: we become so static that life is movement, we walk in all directions, to where? Yoga invites us to connect ourselves to our inner life and thus the cosmos in which we live. Yoga helps to relate to balance or to link together the body, mind and breath. It frees us from tension and stress accumulated, embedded in the muscles of our body.

It gives us ways to be happier and healthier, to be radiant and healthy! Prenatal Yoga is also excellent support to live well and prepare for pregnancy and childbirth. It can quickly obtain a greater well-being, better self-knowledge, greater mental clarity and teaches us to live above the present moment.
During pregnancy, the woman is ready to be particularly aware of his body, to bring herself and her baby, to make contact with his power and inner strength. What better then after delivery to get in shape with baby a gradual and gentle yoga with postnatal mother-baby?

It is also a wonderful way to establish through touch an emotional bond, the form of games and exercises, with her baby. In addition, these exercises improve the functioning of all body systems of your beloved treasure (respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems) while allowing mom to improve the tone of his abdominal muscles, back and posture.
Nice relaxed rendezvous with other mothers who are experiencing the same thing as you!
The benefits of yoga for children and young people are now undeniable both in concentration, relaxation, better appreciation and understanding of self, academic performance, stress management and better quality life in general...

Meditation is also a good way to avoid the chatter of the mind to arrive at deeper levels, to get in touch with inner wisdom. Yoga today is to join young and old, men, women and children to enable everyone to benefit from its immense benefits on overall health: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Doing Yoga in Outdoors Increase vitality

You aspire to greater vitality, less anxious, calmer, relaxation and serenity while being more fit and having better sleep ... You can experience the power of breathing, postures and meditation to restore balance physically, emotionally and mentally and create the best conditions for your wellness. Learn to release tension, increase your energy, creating a vacuum through the practice of yoga. These proven techniques also help for concentration, memory and can improve your overall health.

What I invite you to discover today what are the yoga sessions in open-Air, with asanas and pranayama, meditations specially selected for their energizing or soothing effects, also to facilitate rooting and centering.

Practicing yoga outdoors can be in direct contact with the Prana (Energy ubiquitous in a broad sense), to unite nature, cosmic and telluric energies, to harmonize with water, earth, plants, animals around us, feeling really that Union with the Almighty!

Our experience and practice yoga find it to be meditative and relaxing more quickly, thereby accentuating the benefits of postures, improving our concentration and contemplation (exterior as interior), to really be here and now.

Each outdoor activity can offer us the opportunity to unite with the Universe, relax, energize ... meditate on the incredible beauty that this planet has to offer.

The practice of meditation outdoors we also open new horizons and opportunities unique to the world and connect us to the present. It is even difficult to put into words all those feelings, since these benefits are a matter of personal, profound and often indescribable! Meditation techniques help us explore our inner landscape with smooth, that of our mind, our emotions to take the time to discover a unique and special. These moments provide an opportunity to cultivate friendship with oneself and the world as it is. Thus, we will become more available, more in tune with oneself and others.
If you also have the opportunity to live a meditation retreat of yoga or a few days, enjoy the unique and often is offered where words and silences will alternate for your greatest healing and wellness. Far from the usual obligations in this environment, you will experience preferred Yoga, as a Union of all dimensions of being and unity with the entire Universe!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Yoga and Men

You probably know if you read this how yoga can transform a life! I am convinced that Yoga helps us to live fully and to accept the hardships, challenges, difficulties as so many lessons of wisdom and tools to grow.
But it also helps us maintain a healthy body best (muscles, cardio-respiratory circulation, joints, organs ...)
Whether because of illness, bereavement, separation, depression related to a life too hard and fast, or just to be in great shape ... everyone (or almost) turns to yoga and More and more young people elsewhere.
There is this good in itself, is that more young people acquire the tools faster and will be great benefits in our lives.
I often see very young girls or young women come to yoga in a state of physical distress, psychological and emotional-related work, school... Etc... And after a few weeks, or even a single course sometimes, they feel amazing benefits. This means that these tools are powerful and real.
Daily practice, a kind of personal routine that one creates with all sorts of tools and materials quickly became indispensable and vital. As urinating in the morning or brushing your teeth! We cannot live without it.

Yoga for sports, athletes are also expanding in several areas (cycling, golf, team sports) to help gain a better flexibility, maintain throughout the musculature and joints in general, better breathing, more mental preparation and concentration during competitions.

Yoga is not a fad but a Lifestyle quietly entering all spheres of our life, all backgrounds, more and more athletes the practice, children, teenagers (one of my students high school teacher comes up spontaneously in a yoga class on the lunch hour or 30 young people have registered!) in the workplace ... and all without distinction as to age, race, culture, religion or sex.

Yoga is universal and many people today derive immense benefits in everyday life. Be adventurous gentlemen, come try yoga too ... and you will encourage and surely our boys and other men to be interested in a bit!

The universal laws are governed by these two energies, and then it is obvious to me that the current imbalance in the West will tend to decline more and more!

For myself had male teachers, colleagues and men of Yoga, I know how their approach and their contribution, their teaching are complementary, but different can no longer essential.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Yoga and walking

When you practice yoga on a regular basis, you quickly realize that slowly penetrates every sphere of our lives, for our greater good elsewhere.
Walking is a source of health and energy and for me the fall is one of the best seasons to indulge in this kind of exercise. Because of the colors of leaves and fresh air, I find this season very invigorating and energizing, even if in anticipation of the snow (of course, in Canada we have plenty), it puts nature gradually dormant until spring.
That, at little expense, the opportunity to sunbathe and to capture the beneficial energy. The daily walk is a great asset to our overall health. It is even necessary in cold weather in winter, make the effort to go out every day. Whether you're in town or in a more rural town, there are always beautiful golf courses which can be discovered close to home.
Walking helps burn off some energy, to rid the body of its waste, renewing cells throughout the body. Energy redoubles every week. Pregnant women or new mothers and those recuperating have every incentive to walk at their own pace daily to maintain or regain energy and good health.
Walking develops a taste for action. That zest for life, health and energy that became possible with her. Try to stay absorbed in what the senses perceive and unified with each element as an indivisible whole, unified creation. You can argue for example, "walking, everything is better, well-being settles in me."
Maintain positive thoughts and confidence. Another example: "walk, I leave behind me the amount of fatigue, stress, insecurity, worry, etc...”
Admire and contemplate nature. Try to feel and capture the prana (vital energy in the broad sense) through the ubiquitous nose and skin, for example, two major pranic sensors. With a little practice, you feel as you move on.
To keep a better balance, it is better to have nothing in their hands, keeping them open slightly forward to fully capture the energy. This simple gesture with open hands also helps straighten your back, open the chest, and so breathe easier.
Regularity in daily walking and made it longer also provides endurance and perseverance in everything we undertake.
Of course if you feel like it, you can take time out to practice some yoga postures. When I walk, my favorites are the tree, of course, and the warrior.

Postnatal Yoga Mom and Baby

The new mother often wishes to find his body before the pregnancy as soon as possible after delivery, but we must not forget that his body took 9 months to metamorphose, it is therefore natural that he put as much or more from time to recover after childbirth.

Postnatal yoga postures to allow the abdominal organs back into place in position, thoracic and abdominal breathing relieve the stomach from the stress of childbirth. Yoga postures for the back will help realign the spine thereby improving body posture.

Practicing yoga with baby for 2 1 / 2 months, the mother may develop through touch and establish an emotional connection form of games, exercises and gentle massage.

In the yoga class with your newborn, you satisfy his need to be rocked and stretching. Relaxation and stretching through touch improve the functioning of all body systems, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive and nervous system. The yoga postures induce deep relaxation in adults; they also cause a state of great contentment in the baby and promote a deep and peaceful sleep.

Baby yoga benefits everyone, parents and newborns; the birth was easy or not. By moving and relaxing together during yoga, you will help heal the memory of a birth in the harmony of a group of moms happy.

Postnatal yoga, you talk to your little "treasure", both verbally with your body

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Yoga for moms and future moms

We hope that all mothers have also these sweet attentions to themselves, as they often have for their offspring.
Yoga offers mothers and pregnant women the opportunity to take a well deserved break, deal with gratitude and love for themselves. It teaches you to relax, get to know, to accept as it is, feel calmer, more confident and therefore to face daily life with greater energy, while suffering less devastating effects of stress.
Often we are caught up in work, family and have an annoying tendency to forget the detriment of our children, spouse and our various obligations. Yet the greatest gift we can be, and thereby make those who are dear to us is all about taking care of you.
Moms of all ages can benefit greatly in the morning or evening for a single break Healing and Yoga exercises by practicing their own home or choose to go in a group center.
A pregnant woman has every reason to practice prenatal yoga through postures that can relieve the discomforts of pregnancy, but also help (through breathing, relaxation and meditation) to discuss the birth with more serenity.
Once baby arrived, Mom continues to practice with him, creating a unique bond through touch, movement and breathing while recovering smoothly shaped.
For 2 ½ years the child fits easily into a meeting with the family, then to 5 years it may only take a yoga class for children until the end of primary school. Adolescents, they can easily carry with you the same type of meeting and postures.
Yoga is a wonderful gift we have made ourselves and that we can discover our children from an early age. While this lifestyle will better equip ourselves with the pace of our frenetic lives.
And of course, blow-the word to your loved ones is a wonderful gift that can also be offered!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Demystifying meditation

Meditation is a way around the chatter of the mind to arrive at deeper levels, to get in touch with inner wisdom.

What is Meditation?
A tool to achieve harmony on the four physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, but above all the epitome of spiritual development when we reached the Oneness with the Universe and left behind all duality.

Meditation is very helpful for all researchers on the spiritual path and for all those committed to a holistic discipline, at the end of raising consciousness.
Find a comfortable place, give yourself time, and take a deep breath, clear your mind and heart of the concerns of your life! Sitting cross-legged just to inspire you in positive light and strength and tap into the highest echelons of the chart as you can.

And inhale through the nose all the lights pure as possible, then exhale, visualizing this time that the air and energy will "filter" will purify your whole being and then when you end you get rid of all these accumulated impurities! Do it until you feel pure and free from pain.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Get ready to eradicate cold and flu with Yoga!

When the season of cold and flu season approaching yoga can offer many fantastic ways to boost your immune system!
Yoga can contribute very effectively to increase your defenses against colds, flu and disease in general by stimulating the organs and glands of the immune system. They include the thymus, spleen, lymphatic system and digestive system.

* The Thymus:

The thymus is located near the heart, just behind the breast bone or sternum. The hormones produced by the body stimulate the production of certain cells that fight against infection. In yoga postures to open his heart such as the Cobra, the half-bridge and the camel can stimulate the thymus.

* The spleen:

The spleen is located on the left side of the abdominal cavity, just below the left lung. The spleen is an immunologic filter blood. It helps fight against infections and removes unwanted material from the blood. The yoga postures that put pressure on the spleen and that can help stimulate those are flat on the floor or twisting.

* The lymphatic system:

Lymph nodes and lymph pump located throughout the body. The main ones are located under the arm and groin. Think of the lymphatic system as a waste disposal system that collects and removes the intruders from the body. As lymph trip up in the opposite direction of gravity, the yoga postures that invert the body can stimulate the lymphatic circulation in the body.

* The digestive system:

Ayurveda, the natural system of medicine of yoga, states that the health of the digestive system is the single most important determinant and long-term health and well-being. When the digestive system not working effectively and infiltrate toxins increase in the body rather than being eliminated. Toxins in the stomach create thick mucus called phlegm that rises in the lungs and lymphatic system. Toxins in the small intestine to create acidity which can be traced in the liver and blood.

All yoga postures can twist stimulating the digestive system and thus contribute to a healthy immune system.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The benefits of yoga in all phases of life

Yoga discipline is millennium old from India made a dramatic entrance in the West for over half a century and today more than ever its overall health benefits are touted everywhere! The various campaigns have understood and use pictures of yogi practicing postures to promote the merits of such product or service for your happiness and serenity!
If yoga can contribute inter alia to improve the heart health and cardio-respiratory, reduce musculoskeletal disorders, to treat insomnia, headaches, depression etc....
It is worth remembering again and again, as Swami Sivananda often said: "An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory".
So let's see how the sets while Yoga is suitable for practice in all phases of human life and integrate into a lifestyle most beneficial at any age. A pregnant woman has any advantage from the first trimester of pregnancy Prenatal Yoga practice specially tailored for this so beautiful and intense period of our lives. Much on the physical, psychological and emotional, pregnancy and childbirth are an adventure with many disruptions to a human body. Yoga, working all aspects of being in its entirety (to join), then linger through postures to relieve back, sciatic nerve, prepare the pelvis and the pelvic floor, but also prepare the expectant mother through breathing, relaxation, visualization and meditation to confront the great day of birth with more serenity and awareness.
From an early age the toddler will engage in certain yoga postures imitating an adult and remember that without knowing it, his wonder in the moment, its concentration and its application in the game are all of Yogi Attitudes.
Yoga is not only limited to gymnastics physical postures but rather a quality of life and knowledge of self, seeking the union between body, mind and spirit; it is a tremendous gift that is made to a child than to initiate it early this wonderful discipline.
Yoga adapts to each person and not the other way and it is the teacher to adapt the practice based on age but also the physical condition, possible limitations, morphology and health person.
According to the teaching classical yoga of Patanjali, the Viniyoga emphasizes the fact that to bear fruit, Yoga must be adapted appropriately to each.
Elders will also be able to safely engage in this discipline and then we will practice more often with a chair and adapt the postures to meet the inevitable changes that the time printed on the body.
One thing is certain: to maintain a daily physical activity helps maintain a healthy body and serene mind!
Everyone can indulge in the postures of Hatha Yoga, no need to be very flexible as a gymnast or an Olympic athlete, provided one chooses the form of Yoga and the type of education that suits us Always double check the experience and training of teacher, to be guided properly to their well-being.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The carrot, a plant widely used in aromatherapy

Scientifically, the core is known as Daucus Carotta. It is classified in the family apiaciƩs or Umbelliferae. Originally from Afghanistan, there she is adorned with purple, red, black or pale yellow. This plant can reach 30 cm. The carrot is one of the most common vegetables and consumed more. Her thick fleshy root and may also serve as a basis to prepare many dishes in the kitchen. Carrots can be roasted in a wok, and keep the best braised minerals steamed. Of course, the carrot is best eaten raw and should not be peeled, because all the vitamins are found in the skin.

Moreover, the core is known to be a source of beta-carotene for the body that will transform provitamin A. That's why this vegetable is very popular in the field of herbal medicine and aromatherapy in particular. Beta-carotene is a real beauty vitamin for the skin while it colors slightly to offer her good looks. It is particularly suitable for oily skin, more favorable to infections and acne. In addition, it protects it from ultraviolet tanning while facilitating skin clear and reducing the risk of sun allergies.

The essential oil of carrot and its virtues Health

Obtained by distillation of the seeds of the carrot, the essential oil of the core is known as the Scientific daumus carota. She has a sweet and spicy, and its color varies from orange to brown. Among its major active components include the carotol, beta farnesene, beta-bisabolene, alpha-pinene, limonene, and the Mycenae. This species is a component of many cosmetics, especially in tanning. It is draining and detoxifying and is effective against cellulite and water retention. The essential oil of carrot is indicated to treat hypertension and effectively fight against bad cholesterol.

Applied to the skin, the essential oil of carrot should be mixed with equal amount of other vegetable oils such as lavender or rosewood. To treat acne, it must then bring the mixture to a half dose of immortal, a double dose of tea tree and 15 others Transcutol. Then apply this mixture by making point by point, and this because of two times per day until the buttons disappear. Vitamin beta-carotene also prevents skin aging and treat dry skin. So it retains all its properties, it is best to keep this species in a dry place away from light.

The essential oil of sesame: presentation

It is obtained by pressure: the sesame seeds are not roasted beforehand, so they can keep all their properties. Once pressed, the liquid is cleaned of any traces of impurities, to obtain a clear oil, with a pronounced smell of sesame. The essential oil or sesame Sesamum indicum is very popular in Asian countries such as India or the Middle - East, for the care and well-being. It was the Assyrian women who used it as massage oil for its relaxing qualities, softening and protective antioxidant due to the presence of vitamin E.

The essential oil of sesame massage

On a light color, this oil is suitable for all skin types. Used in massage, it helps to regenerate and maintain the skin supple, firm and elastic. This oil penetrates easily and deeply into the skin. Moreover, it fights effectively against stretch marks in the healing and protects the skin from UV rays. In institutes, the massage is done in the upward direction, ie, from bottom to top. A gentle but firm, the oil is heated and applied all over your body, focusing on the area of ​​the abdomen and thighs. This massage is pure relaxation. It is recommended to fight against stress and joint problems. The essential oil of sesame allows to retain his youth and his tone.

Sesame oil in cooking

Like the walnut oil or olive oil, sesame oil is highly prized in the kitchen. Its content is rich in essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6. It will give a unique and fine taste to your dishes, especially in marinades. In the East, sesame seeds are used in many dishes: in raw vegetables, seeds are roasted, salted and chopped; in candies, seeds are present in all preparations and provide a delightful taste.

The miraculous virtues of peppermint oil

Peppermint, a plant of a thousand virtues

It ranks among the peppermint herb belonging to the family Lamiaceae. They are grown on clay soil, fresh and rich. Its purplish rhizome is long and can reach up to 50 centimeters. He is hairy and spread by stolons. Its green flowers, red in the shade have the distinction of being toothed and lance-shaped stand at the ends of branches. They measure between 4 and 10 cm long and appear in late summer, in August. These are wrapped in large rounded bristles which contain volatile fragrant substances.

It is said that the Mint was a young nymph loved by Hades, god of the underworld and was in the service of Demeter, the goddess of life. In the Middle Ages, the plant is admired for its purifying and revitalizing benefits, but can not escape the vigilance for its aphrodisiac and stimulant side. Nowadays, it is primarily for its fresh smell we appreciate the mint. In the kitchen, peppermint is used mainly for seasoning and flavor to salads, main courses and desserts.
Different uses of essential oil of peppermint

In addition, peppermint also has many medicinal benefits. Its many virtues, this is certainly the essence to its high menthol which composes 40% acid-phenols, flavonoids and triterpenes. Its essential oil contains the stimulant effect in the bloodstream. Clinical trials have shown that peppermint oil also contains antispasmodic properties. It calms colitis or bloating. The herbal digestive him specifically recognizes its action against the nausea if it is diluted in a glass of water.

He also gives an energizing effect whatsoever in terms of intellectual or physical. Indeed, this oil helps relieve muscle pain, combat fatigue and cons effectively allows to provide a feeling of relief and relaxation in general. Furthermore, oil of peppermint is also necessary in cases of urinary disorders. But be careful not to use this oil for direct application, it must be combined with vegetable oil such as lemon oil, ginger, fennel or rosemary. In general, it should perform a test before any application to be made at least 48 hours before use.